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NOTICE: JULY 31st 2006 After 2 ˝ Yrs. Of Fighting High Taxes And Utility Costs In NY We Have Ceased Operation With  Our Brick And Mortar Store

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Questions?  Email Us At fabbooks@gmail.com

Why we closed our storefront  in NY

The Following Factors Were The Reason For Closing Our Store Front:

NY Disability & Unemployment Fees Were Adding Just Too Much To The Cost Of Maintaining Employees.

Gas & Electric Rates Were Nearly DoubleThe Residential Rate. (Do they think a small store really can afford that?)

Excessive Fines And Regulations Imposed By NY State Nearly Wiped Us Out During Our Startup.

If you are starting a business in NY make sure you have a lawyer to get you running.

 NY WILL NOT supply you with the rules they dig out of a hat 2-3 years later and sock you with the fines.

We hired working at home mothers part time to do data entry for us before we opened the store, and the state ruled that since we supplied them the software program we should have covered them for unemployment insurance, workman’s compensation disability insurance,  and all items just as though they worked in our store.

After all this is a big part of their revenue. The fine department.!!!!

A tip for business owners… wanting to hire work at home people, is to have the person place an ad in the local paper seeking the specific job employment you require and that they are already trained in perfoming this work. THEN… contact the state first to get the approval they don’t need to be covered under all the state insurance gooblybotch fees.


The software we have to run the internet is custom made and utilizes Excel heavily with macros.

 We even had some utility programs custom made to enhance Home Base database program.

Price $99.00

If you are out of NY you can use this name.

 You can even black out some of the FAB to adapt your sign name.  $150.00